Individualized Sculpture Of Your Pet

Capture the heart and soul of your pet with a realistic, one of a kind sculpted replica from your photographs by artist Kathryn Nicholas.

Realistic Likeness with an Artists Touch

As an avid pet lover since the age of three, (when I chose to sleep with our white Poodle in his bed rather than in my own) I am committed to capturing the spirit, and realistic likeness of each animal I sculpt.

I am fascinated by animals, and welcome every order as a unique opportunity to get to know the true personality of each pet. Having had the great fortune of being mom to 12 dogs over the span of 30 years, I fully understand how devastating the loss of one can be. *The purpose of my work is best described by a customer whose words of thanks are truly special to me:

"... having this sculpture lessens the pain of losing [her] a bit because it brings her spirit back before my eyes. I think that's because the sculpture makes the joy she brought more vivid again." ~ 2012

I welcome stories shared of any pet, and am happy to offer what I have learned over the years, in helping to heal after the pain of loss. I also offer beautifully engraved brass plaques, tacked prominently on the front or side of the wooden base, providing a finished look that honors a pet whose life on earth has ended, but whose memory remains. Pets are family members; cherished, never forgotten.

My Pet Sculpture provides an artistic, very realistic sculpted replica of any pet, and at the lowest cost available anywhere. This is because I am dedicated to our love of pets, and to these precious souls I so love sculpting. After nine years experience, my fascination with this work continues to grow!

Please visit my Gallery and Blog to see additional pictures of past sculptures and read more client testimonials.