Ajax, Boxer


image of Ajax statue next to the original photo

This shows a beautiful, greatly loved Boxer mix named Ajax. He was lost way too soon to an illness, and his family misses him greatly. Of special interest in this sculpture was to capture the irresistibly expressive eyes. Ajax is sculpted on his pillow bed, which opens to a space of 9″, custom made to hold his remains.

detailed closeup of Ajax the boxer sculpture

His other canine family member seemed to recognize her friend in the sculpture. This has happened before, and really makes me wonder how much we do not know about what our pets understand. The thank you I received from the family is shared below in part, and will stay in my heart.

closeup of the container crafted for custom boxer sculpture

My daughter opened the box on her dining room table. Paisley, her other Boxer, stood nearby but when Ajax was all opened up she ran over to the table and STARED and STARED at the sculpture. Neither my daughter nor I had mentioned Ajax’s name and, of course, the sculpture did not have his scent on it, but Paisley looked almost hypnotized by the sculpture. She and I looked at one another in amazement as Paisley absorbed Ajax with her eyes. This went on forever! It was beautiful, sad, freaky, and blessed all in one if such a thing can exist. There is no question but what she knew that was Ajax, so a better tribute to your creation could not exist. The sculpture was lifted down from the table, close to Paisley, and she licked it. Twice. None of this is like anything Paisley has ever done before.

Later, we opened the bed and saw the glue and wonderful note you’d written. For a while Paisley continued to look at Ajax where he’d been moved into the bedroom up on a wardrobe and then sort of shook her head and walked off. I believe you have not only our full approval of the sculpture but Paisley’s as well, which is the truest test of your efforts.


E.B. ~ CA

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