Daisy, Custom Memorial Sculpture


photo showing an original photo of dog plus finished sculpture

This is Daisy, and the order was an unusual one in that the sculpture was made to fit into specific measurements to sit atop her rectangular urn. Normally a standard size piece of a breed this large would be about 8″ long.

photo showing horizontal placement of custom dog sculpture for a memorial urn

However, the container is seven inches long and only two and a half wide, so I found a box with these measurements and sculpted this beautiful female to scale.

image showing the front view of a memorial sculpture for a custom urn

The images show how the finished piece turned out:

image showing closeup detail on a custom memorial sculpture

Daisy will sit in the position her mom chose, and fit comfortably on the top of her memorial container.

Also, the back view shows her special spot…one that makes her unique, and that is important to her family.

image showing rear view of custom memorial sculpture

When I create a memorial like this, I’m always eager to hear how the owners feel about the finished sculpture. Here is what Daisy’s family had to say:

Hi Kathryn, I received my figurine of Daisy today. Thank you so much! We love it. It fits perfectly! I know I will be emailing you in the future for my other dogs. Thank you again.

Special orders are always possible, and welcomed!

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