Memory Box for Children (Helping Through Pet Loss)

A pet’s passing is often your child’s first major loss, along with all of the feelings that follow.

While our initial wish is to make it all go away, your child needs to work through these feelings, just as you do.

The Memory Box is a child-friendly mini treasure chest. Its purpose is to help you open the conversation with your child, to explore the loss, sadness, and eventual healing that pet loss creates.

Listen to your child: it is amazing what we can learn!

Each item is safe for children ages 4 and up.

While older children facing pet loss may seek the support of peers, that doesn’t mean they no longer need yours. They do. A number of activities can encourage them to talk about the loss. If your child is a teen, I am happy to share my suggestions and experience in guiding this age group through this process.

The Memory Box comes complete with the following:

  • The figure – something to hold. Not sure of color? I am happy to offer ideas. Children love color!
  • The heart – love
  • The cotton balls – softness
  • The band aid – loss hurts! It’s healing to say so. This item is also about comfort.
  • The foam board faces – this is the way I feel (sometimes showing you is easier than finding words).
  • The frame – with your child, choose a favorite photo. With no sharp corners, it fits easily in the box.
  • The ‘blanket’- warmth and comfort. Sometimes an act as simple as the child covering the figure with the blanket, can actually comfort the child.
  • The interior lid – glitter: like stars in the sky, lights and reflections suggest hope.

You may want to put your own item or two of significance in the box, such as the pet’s ID tag or collar. The possibilities are endless, but the purpose is one: encouraging your child to give voice to the loss, and eventual healing.


  • Choose your exterior/interior colors
  • The pet’s name can be printed on the front
  • Instead of a pet figure, a tiny teddy bear can be included
  • The standard box measures approximately 6″x”6x 4″ deep
  • Smaller boxes are available for a figure only, and are a little over 3″ long by 2″ wide (the smaller box shown is unpainted).

The Memory Box is a portable place for any child to hold onto the feelings connected to a pet; to work through the good and bad days, and to feel so much better in time. While the Internet provides us endless information and entertainment, at times we need something to touch, to hold and that engages our imagination.