Jack Russell, Sonny


sculpture of Sonny, a white Jack Russell terrier dog with tan ears. Sculpted with collar showing

This handsome Jack Russell was a much loved family member. His owner and I chose this position together, as I love the expression as well as details revealed. The sculpture is 14″ long.

side view of custom jack russell sculpture of Sonny showing tan ear and collar with tag

I worked to capture the love that this dog not only gave, but felt from his people. The email reply to the piece is one of the most touching received in over a decade of sculpting pets.

Oh Kathryn,
We are absolutely in shock. It is our Sonny, our precious boy. We can not believe how detailed and beautiful the sculpture is. We are absolutely thrilled and pleased in every way. I just wanted to reach out and touch his beautiful little face over and over again because it is almost like having him here again. There are no words to express our deepest appreciation for offering this service to us. Sonny was like our child in many ways. Most do not understand the loss we feel and the sadness every day when we arrive home from work to an empty house with no one there to greet us. It is like the heartbeat and the warmth that once filled our home is gone. It is silenced with no life. I do not know if we will ever be able to move on. I have reached out for relief from books and articles and I have posted on pet loss websites, and even joined a pet loss group. Sonny was not just any dog. He was so many things in our lives. He was our everything. And now we have a reminder of him and as I constantly look over toward his favorite resting place, now I can see him lying quietly. Just waiting and waiting for us to come join him at the Rainbow Bridge.

J. R.
Sunbright TN

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