Penny, Labrador Retriever


image shows a photo of a labrador retriever and next to it a custom statue matching the image

Penny is a black Lab, and a dearly loved female. I checked to make sure her owner wanted the link collar included as I noticed it in each of her pictures; she did, and so I went with an actual chain to give the most realistic possible look. The result is something I am very pleased with…and to the collar, I added the blue bone ID tag, also seen in the pictures. I was honored to be asked to sculpt such a wonderful pet, and help her family remember so many happy years.

facial detail on a lab sculpture

This sculpture also provides a good example of the display base color: Since I often use black, with a pet of the same color, I chose a warm golden tan. Any color is available upon request.

side view of a labrador retriever sculpture on a honey colored base

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