Maggie, Memorial Sculpture


custom sculpture of a spotted hound next to its original photo

Maggie was sculpted for a family in Mississippi who loved her dearly. Ordered from contributions from a church raffle, I was thrilled by the customer’s email after the sculpture arrived and was received by the family. Of special interest to me are Maggie’s regal look and wonderful ears.

closeup detail of a custom sculpture of a spotted hounds facial detail and coat colors

Here’s the feedback I got:


The statue looks fabulous. We presented it to the family tonight and it brought them to tears. Happy tears and tears that will help heal their loss. It does more than a picture ever could, it places Maddie in their room once again. Thank you so much for the beautiful work, it’s practically identical. Very pleased with it and you have an incredible gift for making people cope with lost loves. Thank you very much and God bless.
T.M ~ Canton, MS

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