Stiff joints and ways you can help your dog~

Like any pet lover, I would do anything to ease the pain of arthritis in my dog. While not excluding cats, my personal experience with this is with dogs. When the stiffness began, I purchased an orthopedic memory foam bed for her, and  used Antinol, which is found online at VetzPetz. One a day worked well. Within a year, however, pain set in and I consulted my vet. Using an USAID  (anti-inflammatory by perscription drug) is great for a short term use, but I needed something for the long term. My dog is 13, bright eyed and full of energy. Her arthritis kept her from getting up without a lot of effort.

So, after much research and gathering of facts, I decided to do 2 things: examine her kibble and use ONLY non-inflammatory foods, including for the occasional biscuit or treat. Next, I went to my local pet shop and replaced her usual kibble with a “Holisitic” brand, and one without potatoes…(currently I am learning about the raw diet, which is strongly recommended). Then I went to the grocery store and gathered ingredients needed to home-make treats. A recipe of  flour substitute, sardines, pumpkin, tumeric and greens to name a few, made sense for an arthritic dog. I ordered a product, given daily, called N’zymes, which comes with glowing recommendations and stories of great success from their customers. It’s an antioxidant. In addition to those changes, I am also learning more about Omega 3s and the vital role they play in maintaining joint flexibility. * Wholemega  can be found at:   

So far so good. My dog has gone from a daily dose of NSAID meds, to half that amount, and now to none at all. I acclimated her from her previous kibble (though very high quality, was loaded with potato) to a different one, without the inflammatory causing ingredients. The treats took about 15 minutes to make and not much longer to bake. One recipe and I have enough treats to last a couple of months. And they freeze well! For bones etc, the brand Zukes is recommended, which I already use for my dog.

Vegetables are recommended too. I never thought I’d see my little Boston Terrier /Beagle eat a vegetable, but she loves them. Cabbage baked in the oven is one of her favorites, as are green beans and baked squash. I feel SO good seeing her fill up on healthy snacks instead of fillers that were only making her joints stiffer. Try it, you never know what your pet might eat!  One day the stronger meds might be needed again, but there is so much you can do to help ease the aches and stiffness.

Every pet is individual; this is what is working for us, so I want to share …it is wonderful to see my girl totally relaxed when resting, and happily alert when playing! 

* I recommend visiting Dr. Peter Dobias site as it explains further what we can do to maintain our pet’s health. His FB page is listed under my links or his web site can be found at: