Jack Russell and his sculptureThis page is dedicated to some of the hundreds of pets I have had the pleasure of sculpting over the years…and to their wonderful people. Thank you for the gift of your notes & emails! Image above received by the customer who ordered a Pet Sculpture for her brother. Snoozer the Jack Russell is shown with his replica~

statue of a grey long haired ShihTzu with a perky red bow sits next to the original photo of the pet*”We have figurines and molded pieces of nearly every Shih Tzu and Pekingese available on the retail market. Oh, how I wish we would have found Kathryn many years ago. There is no way that we can express our feelings to have sculptures of our own babies. Kathryn has an absolutely amazing talent and when we received our Rolex and Precious, we were in tears. For her to capture what we see on a daily basis and is in our hearts from a picture, is truly a gift from God. We will return to Kathryn until she has captured all of our babies that we hold so dear.”

~  J.C.   Trufant, MI

“We received the sculpture today and oh my God…words can’t express how much we love it! It is absolutely precious…it captures {her} personality perfectly…”

~ G.S.   Bowie,  MD

”It’s FABULOUS !!!! I feel like he could speak to me- You are so gifted. I love it…and can’t believe it this is so totally him.”

~  L.N.   Richmond, VA

“I had to write and tell you that when my friend opened her Christmas present ~ she was speechless. She said that you captured Henry perfectly – beyond the physical likeness, you sculpted his personality. Thank you Kathryn, for providing me the opportunity to give a one-of-a-kind perfect gift.”

~ S.M.   Durham, NC

“Your work is amazing…words just don’t express how much I love it…”

~ K.K.   Baxter, MN

”We just received the sculpture, and it is already in a place of honor…you captured how [he] looked in the last year of life, and it is with mixed emotion, but we will enjoy your work for years to come. Thank you for your unique talents and in helping [him] to live on in our hearts forever.”

~ R. C.   British Columbiasculpted replica of a german shepard with brown and tan fur, cocked ears and the original photo he was sculpted from

“Thank you Kathryn – for helping me find some peace. I just love the sculpture.”

~ J.S.  Anchorage, Alaska

“At long last, here is the picture of Sam looking at Rocky for the first time… I could think of no testimonial more fitting than the look of utter surprise, delight and rapture on Sam’s face! We think Rocky is perfect. Wendell told me that Rocky just got groomed so that his ears look just like the statue… and Rocky likes to lick it!!!”

~ K.W. Staunton, VA


“I absolutely cannot wait to give this to him for Christmas! Thank you so much- you have no idea how special this is. He has been saying he wanted a sculpture of his dog for years; he is going to be amazed! You even captured her personality! Seriously, thank you so much!”

~ K.T.  Kingston, OH

”They came today!! oh my gosh!!! i love them!! i really really love them! they look just like my boys!! personality and all…oh my gosh…i’m thrilled and yes i am jumping up and down also…”

~ A.H.   Pocomohe City, MD

“In a word, it is fabulous- just fabulous…”

~ N.S     Richmond, VA

“My sculpture arrived today.  Wow! Oscar has come home.  I cannot thank you enough – even my other two cats approve.  I am going on holiday for a week in the morning but on my return will be taking it to my local cattery and showing off your work.  Once again, many thanks and it was a pleasure doing business with you.”

~ R.S.   England

“I must say you captured our two boys to perfection!! My boyfriend was overjoyed – thank you falls short, but thank you!”

~ C.K.    England

“…oh my gosh – you are a rare talent. Thank you a million times!!”

~ M.B.   Bangor, MN

” They are simply magnificent!!…”

~ A.F.   Coppell, TX

“I love it and sit looking at this sculpture for hours. Thank you for bringing me some peace again.”

~ J.S.    Anchorage, AK

“I cannot believe your work – it is absolutely magnificent! There is no difference in looking at this and the actual animal…I was overwhelmed by what I saw. It is beautiful!”

~ E.M.  Richmond, VA

boxed image shows a cream and orange short haired cat sculpted from polymer clay” ….the sculpture enables is to keep her memory in our hearts forever…”  ~ S.G.  Bel Air, MD

“She is beautiful – perfect – my father will be in tears when he gets this – his sweet girl sculpted! thank you thank you!!”     ~ R.F.    Richmond, VA

“As always – perfect. Thank you, Kathryn.”         ~ J.C.      –Trufant, MI

“This is our dog – this is him! I think these sculptures make the neatest gifts in the world…”      ~ J.R.   Ashland, VA

”My sculpture arrived and there’s just one problem – I’m not giving it up…can you do another? I love it! And the ones for my girls- I know they will cry when they see these.”

~ M.B.    Bangor, MN

“I just want to thank you for the gorgeous sculpture of Josie! It is fabulous! You captured her.”

~ E.M. Richmond,VA

“I totally love it and choked up. You captured her expression perfectly…I love the pose…I will highly recommend you to others!”

~ E.W.  Batavia IL

“I love this sculpture! And I know my mom will be so happy when I give it to her for Christmas…it’s wonderful and funny at the same time. How can you not laugh at that huge smile – just the way he always looks! It will be hard to give this up…”

~ G.A.  Oswego, NY

”There is no way to tell you with mere words how much my son LOVED the sculpture of Cooper. He got tears in his eyes, stared at it forever & kept saying how absolutely perfectly you captured Coop’s expression, eyes, head tilt, etc. He also said it was his BEST BIRTHDAY ever!!! How do I thank you???  Thanks for sharing your gift. ”

~ L.N.     Richmond, VA

“Kathryn, your work is in a word, superb! Working with you is an absolute pleasure~”

~ C.C.   Richmond, VA

“My wife was so touched by the sculpture of our dog, she was speechless. I asked if we could take it with us to N.C and show a few friends – but my wife would not let it out of the safety of the house! We are overjoyed, and working with you was pure magic…”

~S.P.      Harrisonburg, VA

“We here at Best Friends are in awe of your work!!  The sculpture is far more than a donation – it is a real gift and it is cherished!!”

Best Friends Animal Shelter
Kanab, UT

”The sculpture arrived yesterday and it is perfect! She looks just like she did in life, and we got all teared up again…thank you so much for your great work!…”

~ S.T       Pocomoke, MD

“All I can say over and over is Oh My God…my baby girl…You did such a wonderful job-no, it isn’t a job, it is hands of love.”

~ J.D.  Chester, VA.

”…what a great likeness and true keepsake. Thank you so very much!”

~ D.F.    Vandalia, OH


Delivered today – thank you! The likeness is remarkable; you’ve done a brilliant job!
 ~ S.B     Victoria Australia


“THE PACKAGE ARRIVED….IT IS INCREDIBLE!  The detail is so perfect!  I am in awe of your skills… ”

~ D.E.   Vacaville, CA


“The sculpture arrived today- it’s perfect, it’s beautiful! Thank you!!”

~ A.J   Michigan


“What a gift! She’s perfect- we opened the package at our Christmas party and WHAT a cherished gift to have- thank you!”

~ G.B   AZ.


“Hey Kathryn,

I’ve just received, and opened my sculpture and I cannot believe how much you have captured her! It is just like looking into her eyes! What a fantastic job! I am very excited to give this to my fiancee for christmas, I know she will absolutely love it! Thank you so much for your time and effort, not to mention how fast you were able to get it finished and to me.”


“Everybody loves the statue! They are so amazed by your work! Thanks! So glad they love it! Thanks Kathryn!”

~J.M.  Singapore



Article published in Network magazine 


“…You did an absolutely beautiful job; it looks just like her and the expression is right on. Thank you.”

~ C.W.  Holly  MI


“…I am speechless- I cannot wait to give this gift. Thank you.”

~ A.S.  Woodbridge  VA



“I am extremely happy with this sculpture- it is exceptional, and I will be commissioning another next year.”

~ C.E.  UK


The sculpture arrived today and my son called in tears to thank me. He said that you really captured the personality and asked me to convey his thanks to you.  His wife was still at work when he called, but he said she’d be blown away.  Thank you so much for sharing your God-given talent with the world in this way.
S.A.~  OR


“Hi Kathryn, hope you had a good Christmas.

The sculpture is fantastic, a lot better than I imagined it would be and you’ve put in a tremendous effort to getting the item to look like Ben. My Mum was crying when she opened it, as I knew she would, but she said it was beautiful and really appreciated it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your creation, it made our Christmas more special given the year we’ve had with Bens passing. 10/10

Please use this as feedback for the website.”


J.B. ~ Scotland


“….  the sculpture of my client’s Airedale was stunning and she absolutely loved it. Thank you for your beautiful work.”

A.S. ~ WA.

“I’ve just received the sculpture and …wow! You have captured the eyes and smile beautifully! Thank you so much. I will treasure this forever.

Kindest regards,

S.B.~ Australia

“You’re an angel on earth who helps people to heal…”
M.M ~ NY
The sculptures arrived today and took my breath away. I felt like the
two dogs were starring back at me. You captured the sparkle in their eyes
perfectly. I can’t wait to give this to my  father…
E.H ~ NY