T.J. the Boxer


closeup of a beige and tan boxer sculpture next to the original image

This sculpture is of a gorgeous Boxer named T.J. His markings are the most unusual I have seen, and they also show how great it is to have an individualized replica sculpted. No matter how unique, it can be replicated!

closeup detail of a beige and tan boxer sculpture with unusual markings

I got a wonderful followup email on T.J.’s sculpture that I wanted to share with you:

The sculpture came today and it is awesome! When I placed it where I want it, it fits perfectly and is VERY noticeable!

You wouldn’t believe all the good comments I’ve received. Someone said “eerie”, said seeing it made chills run up his spine. LOL!! It is so lifelike and realistic. I’ve been wanting to take it to TJ’s vet but haven’t had time this week. Hopefully next week I can run it by there.

Again thanks!!

~ R.F. Mtn. Home, AR.

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